“Iran’s Continuous Repression Gains Attention”

I need to share something intriguing with regard to what I read today. It’s the means by which the time the constitution was drafted after the 1979 commotion, Sunni analysts and law experts have reliably mentioned huge rectifications be made. Sunni pioneer Molavi Abdul Hamid actually sent a letter to Khamenei moving toward him to end the abuse of Iran’s Sunnis.

As far as I might be concerned, the framework has no genuine interest in Sunni-Shiite combination, fortitude, and partnership in Iran. Taking everything into account, it is verifiably more stressed over staying aware of its own restricted sectarian interests and supporting its firm position conviction framework. It is sensible, appropriately, that it will continue with its hole and rule approach, compromising the larger part with the minority, subverting the minority with the larger part, and zeroing in on the rationally problematic and hardliner way of representing fear that any fortitude among people or support among clergymen transcending ethno-sectarian affiliations and cutting across admission stall cutoff points would reveal and undermine its choice way of thinking and further cripple its realness.



Talk About Trend, Convey the Fact!!!

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