Moroccan Journalist Association censures media standardization with Israel

The top of the National Association of the Moroccan Press, Abdullah Al-Bakali, reported his dismissal of the visit by an appointment of Moroccan columnists to Israel, taking into account that “paying the Zionist substance for the movement and convenience costs is an affront and embarrassment.”

Al-Baqali said, in an assertion given an account of Wednesday by Moroccan media, that “main covering the visit and reporting it without a second to spare uncovers its inclination.”

He added: “It is a disgrace for columnists, media experts, learned people, or the first class to visit the Zionist substance facilitated by the Israeli government, which will pay for boarding passes, lodging, and others.”

He said: “We are not against visiting Palestine to complete press inclusion to assist popular assessment, however when the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs pays for movement and convenience expenses, this falls inside the profundity of annoying and embarrassing Moroccan writers.”

Al-Baqali finished up his assertion by saying: “We reject this visit and these disgraceful types of standardization.”

Al-Baqali’s assertions come after the authority Israeli transmission authority reported that a Moroccan appointment arrived at Israel last Sunday, after a greeting by the Foreign Ministry of the substance for a 6-day visit, without referencing the names of designation individuals, yet it guaranteed that it was made out of media and delegates of the common society.

Among the assignment’s individuals, as indicated by a photograph coursed via web-based media, is the previous parliamentarian, Naima Farah, a previous individual from the political department of the “Free National Assembly” party, who was a reporter for the “party” paper from Casablanca.

The authority responsible for the Israeli Liaison Office in Morocco, David Govrin, said that he got the Moroccan designation, which included 8 individuals, prior to going to Israel.

Govrin composed on Twitter: “After a greeting by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a designation of Moroccan columnists and common society delegates will visit Israel before long.”

He added: “This visit comes to fortify and settle in social, media and social participation” among Morocco and the occupation substance.

Then again, the “Moroccan Front to Support Palestine and Reject the Normalization” coordinated a dissent protest today, Wednesday, before the Parliament working in Rabat, in refusal to the normal visit of the Israeli Minister of Security, Benny Gantz, who went to Morocco on Tuesday night, and the visit will keep going for two days.

As far as concerns him, the organizer of the Moroccan Authority for the Support of the Nation’s Issues, Abdel Samad Fathi, said that Israel has made Morocco an entryway and intersection for its desires in the nations of the Maghreb and in the remainder of Africa, as it needs it to take up arms as a substitute in its union pivot.