Qatar’s Approach Towards Afghan Refugees shouts Cruelty

The world is left in shock after the arrival of a video where Afghan displaced people have been pushed inside a container size room in Qatar where they are compelled to utilize one latrine and surprisingly the most fundamental of offices are missing.

After the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, numerous occupants have escaped to different nations and Qatar is one of them. Little they thought about the treatment they will get after intersecting the line and arriving in Qatar.

Many Afghani outcasts have been pushed into a room that is furnished with just a single washroom and specialists appear to be totally uninformed about the conceivable outcomes of the Covid-19 flare-up nearby.

The video was shared by an Afghan news organization Asvaa and it tends to be unmistakably seen that many people are inside a displaced person camp in Qatar and the office needs whatever would make it simpler for exiles to endure the sweltering environment of the country.

The news site guaranteed that the evacuees have whined that they have no cooling framework and every one of them have just a single latrine and other than that additionally, they have no administrations available to them. The displaced people had no place to pursue the Taliban totally caught Afghanistan and things became outrageous when the dread gathering took over Kabul, the capital city.

Ladies are under a great deal of danger given the past record of the Taliban. Afghanistan’s first female city hall leader additionally said that she won’t leave the nation and escape away and rather trust that individuals will come and kill her and her family.

There were occurrences where ladies were tossing their infants inside the doors of the Kabul global air terminal and asked the fighters to take their youngsters and keep them in a protected spot. Different nations have sent their staff to Afghanistan for clearing purposes and subsequently, a significant number of the Afghan residents are not having the option to escape away.

Individuals are frantic to leave the nation and this has gotten apparent with a few recordings surfacing on the web where individuals can be seen pursuing a US stream as it takes off. Some of them even figured out how to stick on to the wings and the wheels of the airplane however couldn’t hang tight, they tumbled off the plane and passed on.



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