The Fear of Uncertainty Wraps the Middle Eastern Student Due to COVID-19

Here’s something significant that I want to share with what I read today. It’s the concern of a quickly spreading, deadly pandemic first emerged in the past year, friends and family around the world have always been on my mind. It has been a legitimate concern over the past 12 months to think about elderly, vulnerable or ill friends and family and how they were faring as the pandemic hit their regions. However one party, namely college students, has rarely received sympathetic attention in public speeches.

College students are stereotyped by a famous illusion of invincibility that borders on recklessness, famous for their enviable youth or for leading lives of adventure and danger. While many continue to live up to this pattern, this year some college students had a particularly rough ride. Let’s face it, despite wealth and advanced healthcare, countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom, which are typically attractive for international students, have proved especially daunting for Middle East students, many of whom are in unenviable positions.

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