The press in Turkey, another writer Erdogan’s adversary condemned to 2,500 years in jail

The arrival of the author Ahmet Altan, which occurred a couple of days prior, is only a deception. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s grasp on erudite people and specialists doesn’t relinquish him. Presently the solicitation for a sentence against another columnist shows up like a knife, and the eruption of Turkish equity these days has it that the examiner has requested his sentence to just about 2,500 years in jail.

After the guarantees of the ruler, the genuine essence of the Turkish system shows its actual face. First with the capture of a day and a half activists, at that point the expulsion of the resistance banners on the deals of the Turkish lira, lastly the withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention for the assurance of ladies. Hidayet Karaca has filled in as previous general head of the currently shut Samanyolu Broadcasting Group, in a procedure against him over match-fixing in Turkish football alliances, support bunch Jailed Journos reported on Thursday.

Karaca accomplishes blamed for impelling infringement of secrecy of data, telephone tapping and enrollment, and falsification of true archives. Allegations that could be unwarranted concerning different countless writers detained in Turkey. The writer is perhaps the most unmistakable students of Fethullah Gülen, a Pennsylvania-based Muslim researcher, who Erdogan blames for having coordinated an overthrow endeavor on July 15, 2016, alongside his adherents. Samanyolu TV was among the media organizations with close relations to Gülen.

The prominent match-fixing case started in 2011 after police captured 60 individuals in attacks the nation over, including Aziz Yıldırım, at that point head of Istanbul-based club Fenerbahçe, and other pre-famous figures in Turkey’s essential football bunch. The king didn’t simply place a large number of writers in prison. For some he never looked back, having them condemned to life detainment or thirty years. Can Dundar was recently condemned to over 27 years in jail on charges of supporting a psychological militant and secret activities bunch.

With respect to awkward papers, no issue: there are in every case some business visionary companions who can get them. This is Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s press in Turkey. A year prior, the holding organization of Turkish big shot Aydin Dogan arrived at an arrangement for the offer of a portion of the primary Erdogan’s resistance media, including Hurriyet and the Turkish CNN, to a gathering of businesspeople near the family president for 1.25 billion dollars.

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