“The Role of Midwest and Rust Belt in the US Election is Significant”

In my reading today, I had realizations in the current issues facing by the US election. Identity in these areas plays a crucial role in politics. The Midwest and Rust Belt are more socially conservative, particularly outside the cities, than the eastern and western parts of the country. The long-term decline of manufacturing communities in the Rust Belt, which has caused extensive job losses and depopulation in some areas, is another significant factor; in 2016, many voters there who used to vote Democratic turned to Trump.

Dwelling on it, An significant identity question, a feeling that Democratic elites and coastal voters look down on the Rust Belt and Midwest people, was tapped into by Trump. They feel judged by the Democratic Party, which has embraced issues that are not priorities for many white voters in these regions, such as diversity and equity.

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