“Trump Needs to Sharpen his Alignment about Violent Protest”

As I continue to dwell on Trumps actions for the past weeks, I realized something. When he entered the first of three planned debates with his Democratic opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden, US President Donald Trump was seemingly in a good spot.

But the pot twist came when he tested positive for coronavirus. However, Instead of assuring the public they are healthy and that they do not fear the virus, as the presidential election campaign reaches its final four weeks, Trump’s hospitalization has placed COVID-19 at the center of the stage. As the death toll continues to increase, the focus has changed from violent concerns to pandemic concerns. That serves Biden more than Trump does.

In fact, during the debate, the president should have managed himself better and he missed many chances to win the confidence of the crowd. The loss of public support for the agenda of the Black Lives issue has put a damper on the issue and less and less demonstrations have taken place.

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