Tunisia: Protest calls for the arraignment of safety powers engaged with the awful suffocating case

On Thursday, common and basic freedoms activists did a dissent before Ben Arous Court, south of Tunis, requiring the arraignment of safety powers connected with the instance of suffocating an enthusiast of Club Africain.

Today, the Court held a conference for 14 security litigants for a situation, which happened on 31 March 2018, when Omar Al-Obeidi,18, an enthusiast of Club Africain, suffocated in Oued Meliane (south of the capital).

The safeguard group blames the police for driving Al-Obeidi to bounce in the valley after a football match, which was denied by specialists around then.

Many football clubs’ fans (Ultras) partook in the dissent. They recited trademarks against “exemption”, calling for “equity and the arraignment of the elaborate security individuals,” as per the Anadolu Agency’s journalist.

During the dissent, Noureddine Al-Obeidi (the casualty’s dad) let Anadolu Agency know that “the family is trusting that equity will be done and that the culprits are rebuffed, after hearings throughout recent years, which brought nothing new.”

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“At the point when security powers are charged, the fact of the matter is disguised,” taking note of that “the reports of the legal medication affirm that my child was exposed to savagery before he had to bounce into the valley,” the dad added.

He proceeded: “Our interest is to end the camouflage of the culprits and to rebuff them to alleviate the family’s melancholy.”

As far as it matters for him, Al-Toumi receptacle Farhat, the Defense Attorney for Al-Obeidi, told Anadolu Agency: “In the present meeting (which is the third for this situation since the event of the occurrence), the 14 respondents were heard, then they said a similar portrayal, and denied all charges.”

“Typically, after the finish of the conference, another date is set to think about the case (he didn’t determine it).” Bin Farhat added.

“It is an instance of popular assessment; we saw false notions over the examination, starting with the trickery of the security investigation record, and the quest for an exit and departure by the Ministry of the Interior to shield its individuals from discipline, other than its reception of the most minimal punishments,” Bin Farhat said.

“We maintain the re-becoming aware of the charged security individuals (which happened today while anticipating the presentation of the decision), where we trust that these moves will end,” Bin Farhat proceeded.

As indicated by the safeguarding group, the current realities of the case began when security powers sought after Al-Obeidi from the Olympic Stadium in Rades to Oued Meliane, after conflicts between Club Africain fans and the security powers, which brought about constraining him to hop into the heavy waters of the valley, which was denied by specialists.


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