UK sticks to its stance, says ‘no point talking till EU changes its approach

Britain wants to be seen and treated as a sovereign state, a minister from the Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government confirms.

The junior business minister Nadhim Zahawi while talking to the news agency Sky said, “We are trying to get a deal and that will only happen when the European Union negotiates with us as a sovereign state.

Throughout the interview he made it clear that Britain will not be merely providing lip service to the Union saying you know ‘we’ll intensify’ negotiations. He asserted that it is important for Britain to know that European Union is considering them as equal.

On Tuesday, attempts to break the deadlock, as far as the trade is concerned, will be attempted by the delegates representing Britain and the EU. Both the identities want a soluble, no destruction dialogues to come in place. If the ‘no deal’ exit of Britain continues, it will terribly hamper the growth of the European economy and damage it furthermore from an already damaged area during the Covid-19 pandemic. Though it will affect Britain and the Union but the effect on the EU will increase by a considerable margin.

Earlier this week, EU’s negotiator Michel Barnier offered to intensify talks and open discussions on legal texts of a draft deal to which Britain straightaway replied that there is no use of dialogues when the EU is not accepting change in approach.

“The European Union remains absolutely committed to reaching a deal, our door is open and will remain open until the very last moment… but time is short,” said EU Financial Services Commissioner Mairead McGuinness. It was further added from the EU’s side that they are open to negotiation but if they want to jump the gun then, the EU cannot stop them.

Britain had officially left the EU at the end of january but the trade numbers are still keeping both the parties in limbo.

The governance over a $900 billion trade deal that includes car parts to medicines is a crisis and that is what is making these two come at each other every now and then.

After the EU’s remark, Britain’s chief negotiator David Frost fought back saying, “The EU still needs to make a fundamental change in approach to the talks and make clear it has done so.”

It has been over five years since the debate around Brexit exit was going around but the last three years saw the drama intensify. Any confirmation with this regard is a huge point of consideration for both the sides and with Britain not agreeing to once again go back to the negotiating table only confirms its stance on finalising the procedure.



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